The career center in SEEU is a bridge between the students of our university and companies, institutions and organizations in the country. The center offers services to current and graduate students. We offer support to graduate students to enter more easily into the labor market, by enabling them information about open vacancies and individual sessions for counseling and career guidance.

We help current students learn more about their skills, abilities and values, research different careers, gain work experience, build a network of contacts, create a CV, find a place for practical work, be confident while participating in the interview.

Our mission

The mission of the Career Center in SEEU is to train and help students in the transition from academic life to professional employment.

What do we do?

We help students identify, plan and realize their career goals.

We contribute to enabling students to search for jobs and opportunities for professional development successfully.

We offer current information on employment and internship opportunities.

We offer current information on the labor market.

We organize events that enable students to create meetings and contacts with potential employers.

We encourage and maintain continuous and long-term partnerships with academic departments to ensure quality exchanges between the Career Center, the academic community and employers inside and outside the borders of Macedonia.